Our first airdrop was a huge success, with over 25K participants! Airdrop tokens will be given out after we finish the verification process on the platform. We’ll notify you via provided email address in order to collect your wallet address. Stay tuned.

Please beware that the Kava team will never ask for any donations or your private key in order to participate in the airdrop.

Timing: May 15, 2018 – July 15, 2018.


Now you can earn more KAVA Coins (up to 100,000) by playing our games and inviting friends.

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— How do I get my KAVA from the friend referral program?

Complete the following two steps:
Step 1 — Get a KAVA Wallet
If you don't have a Stellar compatible wallet then you may use CasinoLife Poker's built in KAVA wallet. Create an account to get your KAVA wallet address. Follow the steps @
Step 2 — Submit your KAVA Wallet Address
Complete this form

— When will I get my KAVA?

KAVA will be sent within 2-3 days once you submit the form @ .If you do not receive your KAVA Coins, please email with details of your submission email, wallet address, and any issues you are having.

— Where can I find the KAVA Submission form?

— What other wallets support KAVA?

1. Stellarport ( is a decentralized exchange. To create a wallet, follow the steps @
If you’d like to receive your KAVA through Lobstr, join using our unique URL @

— How do I trade (buy/sell) KAVA?

You can currently trade KAVA on the following exchanges:
1. Lobstr
How to Trade KAVA on LOBSTR
2. Stellarport
How to Buy KAVA Coins on Stellarport
3. Interstellar
How to Buy Kava Coins on Interstellar Exchange

— How can I earn more KAVA Coins?

There are more ways to earn KAVA Coins. Play our game, CasinoLife Poker, to earn more KAVA.

— Can I check my participation status?

No, we will not post information publicly. Please make sure all the information is correct in your submission form.

— How to transfer KAVA Coins from the in-game wallet to StellarPort?

Go to How to Transfer KAVA Coins from our in-game Wallet to Stellarport

— How can I get more KAVA Coins?

There are more ways to earn KAVA Coins.

  1. Play our game, CasinoLife Poker. Sign up bonus of 1,000 KAVA Coins and earn many more by playing the game.

— How do I play Kava’s games?

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